Radial Drilling Services, Inc. | Challenges & Solutions
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Challenges & Solutions

RDS experts and technologies play a leading role in developing our customers heavy oil assets
RDS has a long history of providing customized solutions for the widest range of heavy oil applications—regardless of the size of the asset or field. By balancing economic, environmental and safety requirements, we can provide the “H.O.S.S.” product and services.


Heavy oil plays—and their unique challenges—vary widely. Only RDS can supply the “H.O.S.S.” solution. A series of horizontal laterals placed throughout the reservoir to initially inject & flood utilizing steam, and then produce through a patented “huff & puff” technique.


From field to field, there can be vast differences among heavy oil deposits. Recovery factors vary greatly, plus, after production begins, operators may see a wide range of results from individual wells. But no matter what the situation, heavy oil’s denseness and viscosity almost always makes it difficult—and costly—to develop and produce.